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We can accept G.I. BILL


G.I. Bill Pay Service is committed to helping U.S. military
personnel and affiliates pay their bills while overseas.
They are simple to use and we take the confusion and
hassle out of managing foreign bills.
Their bilingual staff will help translate your bills,
and even mediate with host nation vendors to help
resolve problems with your bill or the service
they are providing. One quick sign up and
they will pay your bills until you return to
the U.S. Contact one of our offices in Japan,

WEB SITE click here more infomation

We now can accept EZ Pay


E-Z Pay is one of the most convenient and easiest ways
to paying your bills while on Yokosuka—hence their name. What E-Z Pay does is take the hassle out of paying
your bills by connecting your U.S. bank account to
withdraw dollars.
Once withdrawn, they then convert it to yen and
pay all the local bills that they can for you.
Most every bill you receive while here is eligible for
the E-Z Pay bill pay plan to include rent, utilities, water, trash collection, internet, and auto payments. As such,
it's advertised by them that there is no easier way
to get your bills paid on-time with such a committed
company providing such a service.

We can accept Credit card


We accept Visa and MasterCard, both debit and
credit card is accepted for automatic payment.
Easy setup and no transaction fees applied.



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*Sat and Sun will be closed.


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