Everyone who lives in the NTT Japan coverd area is eligible.

PC maintenance and Repair service.

Low price & 2days repair.


Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • PC does not start
  • I cannot connect to the internet
  • I can no longer send or receive e-mail
  • Screen freezes
  • Computer programs suddenly close
  • Computer is slow
  • Long reboot times
  • I get error messages that I can't understand
  • My computer has viruses and/or spyware
  • I want to do a recovery but feel uneasy to do so by myself
  • I want to transfer data from my old computer to a new one
  • I want to upgrade the Hard Disk and memory of my current computer
  • I'm having network problems
  • Broken LCD,HDD,MEMORY etc.


Are you trying to retrieve important photos and files?


Our data recovery service can restore important files and information that has been deleted or lost through formatting or Hard Disk problems in your computer, laptop or various types of external storage devices. Recovered data will be transfered to external media, such as CDs or DVDs. Chance of recovery is not 100%, but there is a higher probability of success if fast action is taken.


TECHNICAL CHARGE Fee : From 4,000yen to 7,000yen 【ICT Customers】

 *Customers own parts is OK!!

【Other customers】Technical charge fee : From 6,000yen to 10,000yen.

  *Parts fee not included.


 【EX. parts fee】

  HDD : From 5,000yen

  LCD  : From 9,000yen

  MEMORY  : From 2,000yen

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For more Specific inquiries, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.


Call : 0120-087-797 *toll free (English)


*Military : Yokosuka,Atsugi,Zama,Yokota,Misawa area.

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